Pot hole

I have reported berechurch Hall road pot holes several times

I have been on Bbc Essex complaining over the state of drains with pot holes around them

Pot Hole

Been battling to get pot holes fixed

None more dire than in Berechurch Hall Road near Pool shop

It is near drain at kerb

It is bad so look out for it

Also poor road in Berechurch Road near Brittania pub

The Willows old railings


I have had confirmation that Essex Council will remove the old railings near the entrance to the Willows estate

The campaign I ran was to get some change to unsightly area near the hoardings

Next it would make my day to see the hoardings come down and build finished off.. Here’s hoping

Concern over cannisters

I was called to Birch Glen, Queensland Drive public open space over what looked like bullets.When I went, I discovered cannisters that had nitrous oxide in themI was concerned, and took them home for council to collect and notified the Police

If you see such items please report to Police please.

Fun day on Birch Glen

A great fun day took place in Birch Glen on 25th August

3 ward councillors enabled the event by getting Council to help financially.

The Neighbourhood watch took the reins with us to make sure the community came together

Well done all