Pot Holes

Have been touring South Colchester, reporting and many cases re reporting pot holes and highway defects.

It was a pleasure to see at least a few pot holes done. One example in Berechurch Hall Road, where a couple of sunken drains have been bothering me for weeks.

I had put several reports to highways dept over this, but the only reason it has been done was due to a face to face meeting with a Senior Highways manager.

Result none the less

Anti Fly Tipping

Having seen fly tipping in Berefield Way, I have asked land owners Taylor Wimpey to clear it away.

Cllrs Chris Pearson, Martyn Warnes, and myself are offering a reward for info leading to successful prosecution of the offenders.

I am sure it is not local people as why would we dump rubbish on our own community.

Marlboro place fun day

The Marl Place (chariot drive) fun day was a great success. Held on Saturday 8th September 2018 on the public open space round the play park.

Cllr Chris Pearson, Cllr Martyn Warnes and Cllr Dave Harris supplied the council funding for the public liability insurance and bouncy castle.

It was a partnership set up by Councillors involving Peabody housing association, Neighbourhood watch, and Abbey field community church project .

Mark and Naomi, Chris Pearson and I worked hard all day with Sophie from Peabody, to make sure all had a good time.

The children certainly enjoyed the event.

Spontaneous Litter pick


Whilst in Mersea Road, Dudley Close , Bourne Court on house calls for casework, (Where people had called on me to visit to talk through problems) I spotted a lot of litter in the area.

It was fortunate that I had my litter picker, and some refuse sacks with me.

Normally Cllr Chris Pearson, Cllr Martyn Warnes, and myself work on the rota week on week to cover the area of Berechurch, but here was a lot of litter needing clearing.

PS – Thank you to the residents who chatted to me whilst I worked .


Abbey Field sewage leak

As a Councillor I had to liaise with local agencies, after a sewage leak in a Colchester beauty spot took more than a little investigation to resolve.

I was contacted by constituents after authorities blamed each other for the sewage leak at Abbey Fields.

Local residents were given the run-around by the Army, Essex County Council and Anglian Water, so I was asked to help.

The works required are booked in and now on-going, after I asked Colchester Environmental Health to get involved due to a perceived health risk.

I hope that, in future, there will be better dialogue between the Army, Anglia Water and Essex County Council.

Its a big Well done Colchester Environmental Health department for ensuring it was sorted.

Monkwick Residents Fun Day June 2nd

2nd June saw the annual fun day administered by Monkwick residents association (chair Crystal Alford, Treasurer Gerry Harris, and myself doing all the paperwork and safety)

Funded by a grant from Cllrs Chris Pearson, Martyn Warnes and myself Cllr Dave Harris and the council locality budget, it was a great community building event

Well done to all volunteers, stall holders, churches, Colchester Borough Homes, scouts, spectrum majorettes, Angie Clark for dog show, councillors, and magician and Dj…