Monkwick Residents Fun Day June 2nd

2nd June saw the annual fun day administered by Monkwick residents association (chair Crystal Alford, Treasurer Gerry Harris, and myself doing all the paperwork and safety)

Funded by a grant from Cllrs Chris Pearson, Martyn Warnes and myself Cllr Dave Harris and the council locality budget, it was a great community building event

Well done to all volunteers, stall holders, churches, Colchester Borough Homes, scouts, spectrum majorettes, Angie Clark for dog show, councillors, and magician and Dj…

Vegetation in Berechurch Hall Road

Having walked and driven this area in the past few weeks I have seen the state of overgrown vegetation and how it affects road safety

1. Hard to walk the path beyond Richard Nichols close

2. Difficult to get in and out of Berechurch Hall onto Berechurch Hall Road due to lack of visibility

3. Road signs are obscured by branches and leaves

I have asked ECC to do the maintenance

It is not right to leave this work undone.

Will keep up the pressure for action.

Work to create a community garden

In partnership with Ormiston Barnardos children centre I have been supporting their project to create a community garden

Working with community payback teams.. the garden is being cleared and moving the project off the drawing board into reality

Watch this space in the weeks to come

Pot Hole update

All over Colchester there are pot holes needing attention

The system of priority setting needs amending so our estate local roads get attention

Today I re reported the deep pot hole in Gladwin Road .. with Isobel Merry

We will see what action we can get

Footpath tidy up

On Sunday 25th March, I arranged a tidy up of the footpath leading to our local Schools.

Community payback workers did a cut back of overgrown bushes, strim of the grass and a big litter pick.

All looks good for the community to use safely again


Had a few bags of salt stacked away, so to ensure that risk of slips in the snow is minimised, I toured some areas to drop salts bags off.

Also some nearby residents picked up a few bags for known problem areas

Stay safe out there, try to stay indoors

If you need basic supplies and are disabled or cannot get help otherwise just call me .. 07816168858

Or e mail