Concern over cannisters

I was called to Birch Glen, Queensland Drive public open space over what looked like bullets.When I went, I discovered cannisters that had nitrous oxide in themI was concerned, and took them home for council to collect and notified the Police

If you see such items please report to Police please.

Fun day on Birch Glen

A great fun day took place in Birch Glen on 25th August

3 ward councillors enabled the event by getting Council to help financially.

The Neighbourhood watch took the reins with us to make sure the community came together

Well done all

Wethersfield Road project

It was pleasing to see the broken up footpath and kerbing at Wethersfield Road be replaced under a Essex County scheme for County Councillors to nominate the worst in an area.

Looking good and although I would have liked the Kerbs done a long time ago, it is still gratifying to see the work

Flooding in our area

All over my area in Berechurch and Shrub End I am reporting floods when any decent amount of rain falls.

I do feel that drains are not bring cleaned as often as they need to be.

There are several sites I have passed on to highways dept , including Berechurch Road, Eldred ave, Mersea road , and Berechurch Hall Road.

Berechurch hall road floods are right next to a bus stop !

To highlight the problem , see my ducks floating in several inches of water


Paxman Avenue is one of the roads in Shrub End I have been requesting a re surface on for years. Indeed as County Councillor for Shrub End and Berechurch I am very active campaigning for better roads, paths and Kerbs in my area.

So first I was pleased to see the works begin in Paxman Ave, with the first step of taking off the top layer of tarmac, and it is usual a day or two later it is relaid with a new long lasting coat of top surface.

But, then it all goes wrong with a delay due defects under the surface, meaning we are stuck with a really bad and rough surface for weeks.

I have complained and I urged the powers that be to get it sorted quickly