Request for Birch Glen

After our plea to Ministry of Defence to take the Middlewick sale off the table, Chris Pearson and I spoke to residents about the trees at the back of Birch Glen

We have asked MOD and council to declare these as protected for ever as a desired feature at the back of Birch Glen estate

Promoted by D Harris on behalf of C Pearson both co 12 Prince Philip Road Colchester Co28pa.

Berechurch Hall Road soldier success

Success for our local Soldiers on training in the Berechurch Hall Road area. No pedestrian crossing is allowed due to curves in the road ..

I therefore applied for signage to make drivers aware that they may be requested to stop to allow soldiers to cross safely.
The sign with exclamation mark sign is the correct one for this .
So the signage has been fitted in past few days.

Keep an eye open for it along Berechurch Hall road ..
Our serving Soldiers deserve to be kept safe when out training . It is enough to be out running in all weathers with heavy back packs without risks added from traffic .

Great result for safety

Library Closure at Prettygate

With the County Council ruling Tory group pushing for closure of Colchester Prettygate library, I spoke against such drastic cuts to services in South Colchester at a large full council meeting of ECC this week

I urge all to go to ECC web site and complete the consultation to oppose this, and if you can go to the library to fill it in there

Keep our local library


Lamp post repair campaign

After a year of campaigning for a lamp post to be repaired, Councillor Chris Pearson and I had a mock birthday party for the street light.

I had been told that we would have to wait until March for a replacement after the car crash that caused the problem.

The picture (above) appeared in local news paper, and then on “Have a got news for you” TV programme getting national air time.

Guess what? All of a sudden the post has been replaced. A good result!

Poppies up Lampost project

On 14th November a cheque for 270.70 was presented by Berechurch / Monkwick residents, Cllr Dave Harris and Pete Ramsey to Royal British Legion poppy appeal in colchester main Poppy shop.

Anglea Tillet and Sid Kent of Royal british legion took the cheque and expressed thanks to our residents in Berechurch for strong support.

Due to work by Pete Ramsey. in putting Poppies up lamp posts, and with sponsors by individuals & businesses in our area of South Colchester, we have made a difference to Poppy Appeal, and assisted in celebration of 100 yr anniversary of end of 1st World War.A great community supporting our armed forces, and ex service men and women


During the run up to the 100th anniversary of the end World War one, I visited the Thomas Lord Audley school where young people created a stunning piece of work for the event.

Using recycled plastic bottle bases, they painted and mounted them in the form of poppies. I spent time listening to their research and how each poppy had a soldiers name on it.

Very impressive knowledge and a big well done to young people and to staff for leading the work.