Road and Footpath disgrace

I am repeatedly reporting Footpath and Road defects all across my patch of South Colchester. It is so frustrating to see the defects not being fixed by the County Council.

I have appealed many times to Tory Controlled Highways dept, who just say “The defect has been assessed and does not meet their criteria”

In my view that the criteria they measure by must be changed and amended so danger to footpaths and road users is reduced.

dave buxton road kerb


The example I show in the picture is Buxton Road, but there are many all over Shrub End and Berechurch like this one.

Time for a change, time for them to do the works required . Don’t you agree

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Footpath Proposal

A few weeks ago, I submitted a proposal to upgrade the footpath leading from School Road, past Monkwick Junior School going past the Willows allotments, and cemetery leading to Gurdon Road and Marlborough Place estates

This proposal I have suggested as a way to ensure a safe and lit footpath / cycleway exists for local residents and School children alike can travel between Schools, home and town.

It is now going through the Highways system to assess it for budget allocation in the future.

SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL are important, and it gets more cars off the route around The Willows, Monkwick and other estates

At least we will have a alternative

Dave Harris – call or e mail me to give me thoughts on improvements in our area

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The Old “Alderman Blaxill” School

Alderman Blaxill site rebuild planPleasing to report good news.

The closed down Alderman Blaxill site has had the plans on public display for the new School that will be built on the Paxman Road Site. The plans look very good !

I have raised this issue at County Hall many times, and campaigned for the New school as the Shrub End area needs the school places in time to come.

I also have raised at County Council many times the issue of making sure that when the School is built, that all roads around it are resurfaced. Also that the new School ethos should include promoting cycling, and have a training centre for cycling, have plenty of cycling racks and facilities, together with a new route of cycle paths to make a safe route to School for Young students, and Staff.

Finally : I would ask your views on the name, do you want to retain the name Alderman Blaxill, or a new name for the new School.

I am just so pleased we have a new school, so I will leave it to residents views on this