Library Closure at Prettygate

With the County Council ruling Tory group pushing for closure of Colchester Prettygate library, I spoke against such drastic cuts to services in South Colchester at a large full council meeting of ECC this week

I urge all to go to ECC web site and complete the consultation to oppose this, and if you can go to the library to fill it in there

Keep our local library


Lamp post repair campaign

After a year of campaigning for a lamp post to be repaired, Councillor Chris Pearson and I had a mock birthday party for the street light.

I had been told that we would have to wait until March for a replacement after the car crash that caused the problem.

The picture (above) appeared in local news paper, and then on “Have a got news for you” TV programme getting national air time.

Guess what? All of a sudden the post has been replaced. A good result!