New Heritage sign

Just a bit about a new heritage signage just erected

Cllr Martyn Warnes had a project which has just come to a final solution

He had a idea to make residents in William Harris Way aware of the very old heritage and the existence of Saxon Dyke system

Some are in South Colchester (The one celebrated here is the BERECHURCH DYKE) which was a protective dyke and Martyn led the campaign to have a sign put up to mark the ancient history of our area

Martyn Warnes said “We as a team, raised the finance from Council funds, and used a local business to make the sign, our council officers advised on location. It is pleasing to see our area celebrating our diverse and interesting

In picture is Cllr Dave Harris, Cllr Chris Pearson, and Cllr Martyn Warnes, declaring the sign at the location open and bringing local people, inc school children who pass on the way the school the history under our feet

A cache of coins was found under one of these dykes, as the ancient times proved to be dangerous places to live

Happy New Year

A happy New year 2018 to all my family, friends and neighbours 

2017 was a busy year for me, with being re elected as County Councillor for Shrub End and Berechurch, and arguing for a better deal for our area.

I look forward to a year ahead of making sure our voice is heard at the Council

If you need me .. call 07816168858

Or e mail

County Hall report

Full Council at Essex County Hall debated a motion affecting clean air in our county.

The government is to be asked to improve the air by putting in place a good vehicle scrappage scheme .. and local councils to ensure that planning process  (via local plan) includes electric vehicle facilities to be built into any new settlements.

Merry Christmas message

As County Councillor for Shrub End and Berechurch I have teamed up with Mike Dale to produce and deliver (with a great local team) Christmas cards to every house in Shrub end, which includes a calendar for 2018.

And as Borough Councillors for Berechurch Cllr Martyn Warnes, Cllr Chris Pearson, and myself are delivering (with a great team) Christmas card to every house in Berechurch. 

Thats 9000 Christmas cards ! 

A Merry Christmas  to all.

Lets all care for one another

Planning for Christmas

This week has been busy, but I found time to see my friend Santa where we visited the foodbank, and discussed the Colchester tour with our Sleigh.  We go street by street in my home estates in South Colchester.

See you in December.. where I will be steering the Sleigh to meet everyone

Big thank you to Stuart who is making this possible. 

Poppy project 

With the Poppy appeal in full flow, local resident Pete, had the idea to sponsor large “Lorry’ sized poppies on lamposts around his estate. I was happy to support this idea and donated some large poppies to the cause.. and then sponsored a poppy.

Pete has put the poppies up making Monkwick Estate a “field of poppies”

Any one interested in sponsoring a poppy.. ring 07816168858

All proceeds to British Legion poppy appeal

Street Weeks.. our part of South Colchester leads the way


Street Weeks is a new project in Colchester to get Police, Council and other agencies such as Neighbourhood watch going into the local communities listening to concerns that residents have.

I was so proud to go door to door with the professionals and chatting to so many people. to give feedback